Introducing ZZegna Eau de Toilette featuring three new signature scents for the modern man. Each sleek bottle delivers a refined fragrance, mixed with exclusive ingredients, to form aromatic notes with unrivalled character and depth. An ode to passionate living, passionate thinking, passionate craft.

Uomo fuses tradition and luxury, nature and man. It is an unprecedented combination of two powerful ingredients: Zegna’s exclusive Bergamot, and floral notes of Violettyne Captive that dramatically heighten the vibrancy and lushness of Violet. Elegant Vetiver anchors the scent in authenticity and truth, and the potent masculinity of Cedarwood is grounded, rooted and soaring at the same time.

Intenso is an oriental woody fragrance characterized by strong contrasts.  An inspired combination of light and dark, where fresh notes of Citrus and Spice merge with those of deep Wood and sensual Musk. Intenso complements a man’s multifaceted nature as he moves with ease from day into night with exceptional style.

Classico is a woody, watery, aromatic fragrance and the original ZZegna scent. Taking its cues from the youthful fashion collection of the same name, sparkling head notes of Zegna Bergamot, Casoar Fruit and Rosemary lead to seductive notes of Iris, Nutmeg and hot White Pepper. The base is a sensual combination of sweet Cashmere Wood, Patchouli and warm, earthy Oak Moss notes for a balanced finish.