We commit to Oasi Cashmere fibre being fully traceable by 2024: This is Our Road to Traceability.


Every road and every path, at ZEGNA, starts from, and leads to, Oasi Zegna. Envisioned by the founder as a way to give back to the community, Oasi Zegna is not only a unique model of societal and environmental consciousness, but also, and more broadly, a set of values that ultimately foster consistency and promote harmony: between people, engine and nature, past and present, belief and innovation. Always looking ahead while keeping track of our roots.​

Oasi Cashmere is a central development on Our Road to Traceability, already started, as we commit that 100% of cashmere fibres used in Oasi Cashmere will be certified traceable by 2024​.

Vertically integrated, as industrious masters of fabric, we take the world’s finest raw materials, which are manufactured in Italy. This is a part of our legacy of action ignited generations ago. ​

Oasi Cashmere becomes our trademark of traceability and accountability, moving in the direction of this cashmere being responsibly sourced, from remote farms in the world to innovative manufacturing in Italy.​