Our founder Ermenegildo Zegna ignited our legacy of sustainability and lifelong pursuit of protecting the environment when he began planting more than 500,000 trees starting in the 1930s. Driven by a deep sense of giving back, his reforestation project transformed the landscape surrounding his wool mill into a 100 km2 nature reserve that is today called Oasi Zegna. From past to present, Zegna continues to enrich the forest with a diverse ecosystem of plants, as we seed the ground for a better future. Now, we invite you to join the Zegna Forest Legacy.
When you join the Zegna Forest Legacy, you will receive a wooden heart sculpture engraved with the words “from the heart of Oasi Zegna.” This unique keepsake is presented in a wooden gift box and is made from our reforestation project in Oasi Zegna. A true piece of Italy, this heart is a symbol of rebirth, of giving back, and of our shared commitment to the future. ​​