SECONDSKIN results from a pioneering idea by our artisans  — to use glove leather to craft our iconic Triple Stitch™ luxury leisurewear shoe. Born in the ZEGNA Laboratory from a collaborative blend of tradition and innovation, SECONDSKIN leather captures the generational approach to craftsmanship that has defined ZEGNA for over a century. The Triple Stitch™ SECONDSKIN results directly from the intuitive exchanges of our world-renowned craftspeople.
Measuring just 0.8mm in thickness, SECONDSKIN leather is exceptionally lightweight, soft and durable — making it ideal for uppers and linings. Resistant to creasing so as to maintain its rich appearance and smooth texture over time, the exclusive material features a remarkable ‘memory’ that moulds to your proportions with every journey you make.


SECONDSKIN’s unique qualities are ensured by the use of fine New Zealand-sourced calfskin and a highly specialised tanning process. A celebration of craftsmanship and beauty, each pair of Triple Stitch™ SECONDSKIN is a work of art that will stand the test of time.

Image of a ZEGNA laboratory where SECONDSKIN leather is produced. Detail of a craftsman's hand holding a piece of brown leather.
SECONDSKIN leather elements inside a ZEGNA laboratory.