Due to season clearance and other commercial reasons, www.zegna.cn (“Website”) will launch certain limited time promotion for goods listed in the Promotion Zone on the Website.

For detailed time period for promotion, please refer to the information posted on the specific zone on the Website, which may be extended or shortened due to certain actual stock status and other reasons.

Crossed price refers to the tag price of the goods sold in mainland China, which may vary due to different regions, applicable time periods and market conditions, etc. and it is for reference only.

Un-crossed price refers to the real-time price of the goods sold on the Website, which shall be subject to the specific transaction price as indicated on the final order settlement page.

This Promotion Conditions shall only be applicable when there is any price comparison during the promotion period. If you have any inquiry about the above, please contact our Customer Contact Center 400-626-8989 before purchasing the goods.