Oasi Cashmere's journey begins in Mongolia, where the world's finest cashmere fibres are sourced. From here it travels to our Wool Mill in Oasi Zegna, where it is transformed into impeccable garments. The inspiration for Oasi Cashmere was Born in Oasi Zegna - the 100km² home of our values in the Alps of northern Italy. Thirty times the size of New York City’s Central Park, the natural territory was established in the area surrounding our historic Wool Mill by our pioneering Founder.
Vibrant orange cashmere fibers cascading against a black background.
Detail of a model's outfit, wearing a beige look with striped cashmere gloves.
Models preparing to start the ZEGNA FW24 fashion show wearing beige cashmere outfits.
A man on the runway wearing a light beige cashmere outfit by ZEGNA.
A man on the runway wearing a black cashmere outfit by ZEGNA.
In love with nature and deeply rooted in his homeland, our Founder planted the first tree in Oasi Zegna in 1910, igniting a sustainable spirit and reforestation project that today includes over 500,000 trees and counting. His dream for tomorrow has been nurtured over generations, who have worked in harmony with nature to protect and preserve what has become a thriving ecosystem for biodiversity.
These are the values that inspire our Road to Traceability. We follow in the footsteps of our Founder as we commit to certifying Oasi Cashmere fibres as 100% traceable from 2024.